Pacsnode is a free medical image viewer designed for mobile devices compliant to IHE basic image review profile (BIR)

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any hospital workflow, Pacsnode is vendor neutral and can be easily attached to traditional DICOM PS3 PACS systems.


Plugin free - Pure Html5/JS, runs in every modern browser, no plugin installation required.
Mobile first - Designed primary for touch devices.
Diagnostic image quality - 16Bit lossless image processing, covering the full DICOM grayscale range.
PACS connectivity - Supporting all DIMSE-C services via DICOM-to-HTTP proxying.
Bandwidth optimized - Uses lossless image compression and intelligent pre-fetching algorithms to speed up access to large datasets.
Easy install - Convention over configuration. 5 minutes setup time.


Pacsnode is still under development and currently not available for download.

For questions, recommendations or remarks please use the contact form below.